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“Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah! That's how it goes, Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah! Ev'ryone knows” ... that Munich’s Oktoberfest is THE place to be from mid-September to the first weekend of October.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares - from the buzz at the train station ... girls in Dirndl’s, guys in Lederhosen, drinking, laughing and singing, to the destination station and in to Oktoberfest. An incredible feeling engulfs you as you walk under that “Welcome” sign. Streets jammed with people of every age and description, stalls selling everything from curios, toys, food and drinks, encourage you to look, touch and buy.  The play-park is throbbing with activity as people mill around waiting to experience every hair-raising ride and roller-coaster while kiddies enjoy the more sedate rides and activities.  Festively festooned horses pulling elegantly decorated carts strut majestically through the crowds, stopping for “selfies” with anyone and everyone; Beer tents pump with activity ... brass bands thump out music, traditionally dressed waitresses clutch 6 “Maß glasses” (jars) of beers in each hand and are cajoled and teased by patrons as they push their way through to their eagerly awaiting customers, gorgeous young ladies weave between tables with baskets of delicious giant salty pretzels for sale, waitrons dash hurriedly  to and from tables delivering plates of Eisbein or chicken to hungry patrons waiting to devour them along with jugs of beer - WOW.  On the band-stand, the band leader breaks out into "Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit" ("A toast to cheer and good times") encouraging the crowd to join in, which they do with alacrity. Words cannot begin to describe the atmosphere, it is incredible.  It is possible to get in to the tents without a reservation, though recommendable to pre-book your seat as, despite holding around 7000 people each, they fill up very quickly, and you really would not want to miss this most amazing of life experiences.  Smaller tents, outdoor eateries and food stalls also serve a wide variety of German and Bavarian specialities, so there is no shortage of choice.  Oh the fun, oh the vibe, oh the experience, there are no words to encapsulate the atmosphere, it is definitely an experience to top all experiences.

 And when you are done “festing”, explore the beautiful city of Munich - Castles & Palaces, Gardens & Parks, Churches and Museums, BMW and Hofbräuhaus ... but that’s another adventure for another post. Jenny's Travel Blog - Legacy Travel